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How to Get Your Motivation Back at Work Posted 10th August 2017 at 15:58

Losing your motivation can happen to the best of us. It can affect our work or home lives, our ability to study or continue with our fitness regimes and quite simply comes down to a loss of enthusiasm and disinterest. I should know, as I am currently lost in a fog of indifference and struggling to get back on track after a two week break in the sun. As usual the change in routine, coupled with a bit of “post-holiday depression” has completely thrown me off track. The trick is learning how to get yourself out the rut and back on your “A Game “without completely derailing.

Unless it comes naturally to you (and for me is certainly does not) then maintaining your levels of motivation at work can be more difficult than it sounds and not always something you can control. Various factors come into play, such as the type of work we do, our boss and our colleagues. But fear not, if you are stuck in a bit of a rut and having lost our drive at work, there are a few things that can get you started and give you that much needed boost.

1.Take the plunge  - Bite the bullet, jump straight in and make your move. You’ve heard them all before and sometimes this really is the best way to get going. Stop thinking, stop procrastinating and just start working. Once you get the ball rolling, things will start flowing naturally and that’s half the battle won.

2. Tackle the difficult issues first  -  No, of course these aren’t the jobs you want to do and yes, you may think the easier option would be to ease yourself into things, but actually, if you tackle the jobs you don’t want to do you’ll feel a lot better for it. The end result; a great deal of satisfaction and increased motivation enabling you to finish your to- do list.

3.Get some autonomy -  If you have lost all enthusiasm for the job that you are doing then have a think about why. More often than not it is to do with the monotony of your job or potentially being micromanaged. Having a little autonomy within role can make all the difference. Speak to your manager, make some suggestions and see if a little bit of freedom and a change in direction can get your interest back.

4. Focus on habits -  Now, this one is key. Motivation is about your mind-set and getting yourself into the right frame of mind is best achieved by creating good habits. This could be at work or even away from the workplace, maybe even both. Good habits may include; waking up early to give yourself enough time to get ready for the working day, taking regular daily exercise, such as a 15 minute walk to clear your head and increase productivity, or even starting daily timeout from screen time during the working day, to have some thinking time away from incoming emails. It is best to start small and go from there, so think about some positive habits that may help you and introduce a few to see if they work.

6.Maybe it is time for a change -  Sometimes, no matter what we do to try and motivate ourselves, it really is time to have a re-think and change in direction. Don’t think of this as failing, but an opportunity to start afresh. Often, the very fact you have realised a change is needed, can be enough to give you a positive and motivational boost!

Remember, maintaining levels of motivation is something you have to work at, so don’t beat yourself up when you’ve hit a hurdle. Try a few of these today and see if it makes a difference.