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Jargon Buster of Terms Used
A.C  lacquer      A clear durable seal applied to veneers.
Bonded leather    Reconstituted leather
Brushed stainless steel Stainless steel factory treated to provide
                                                           a grained semi matt appearance.
Epoxy coated                                     Very durable factory applied spray paint finish.
Facings (in relation to upholstery)        Facing material (normally leather) used for
                                                           the cushions, arms & backrests of chairs
                                                            & sofas. The base, the rear and non wear areas
                                                            are finished with a matching vinyl.
HPL                                                    High pressure laminate
Mfc – melamine faced board                 Particle board (eg high density chipboard)
Mdf                                                       or medium density fibre board (mdf) factory
                                    laminated with a melamine finish which
                                                            provides a realistic wood appearance
                                                            (Also used for plain and patterned colours).
Polished stainless steel                       Stainless steel factory polished to a high sheen.
Satin stainless steel                              Stainless steel factory finished in a semi-matt.
Powder coated                                   Factory applied spray paint finish
Pre- cat (pc lacquer)                              Pre catalysed lacquer finish – a durable seal
                                                                        applied to wood/veneer products.
Satin or Satinised glass                          Glass which is treated to provide a semi obscure
                                                            milky appearance.
Split leather                                          The inner side of leather hide
Toughened or tempered glass              Glass which is heat treated to make it very strong.
Veneer                                                 Thin real wood (or real wood laminate)
                                                            bonded to a substrate eg. mdf,  mfc or wood