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Boardroom Tables

We are pleased to offer a selection of executive boardroom tables of exceptional quality. Furnish your company boardroom or business conference meeting room with aesthetically appealing and well finished products that will help shape your workplace to look professional and sophisticated.

First impressions are vital especially if you intend to invite potential customers, clients or associates in addition to employees to this important space, therefore, choosing the correct executive furniture will have a lasting positive effect on your business.

href="http://www.officelinx.co.uk">Office Linx have office tables available in a wide variety of finishes including wood veneer including Oak, Beech, Maple or Birch. Glass boardroom tables with chrome or stainless steel legs give contemporary look for the modern office environment. Choose the style that suits your size specifications in a design that will compliment the furnishings of your work space or conference area. Our collection also features meeting room table arrangements with folding legs and flip tops that make it easier for you to transport and store your items once meetings have finished, allowing you to be more flexible with your office space. In addition, we stock products that offer extra modular extensions that can seat 20 people or more which is ideal for businesses that require this flexibility.

To complement our range of boardroom tables, we offer a broad range of chairs to match to suit those on a budget including the stylish ‘Echo’ leather chair with its unique all in one soft leather shell and padded arms to the top of the range Milan which is upholstered in real leather hide.

How to calculate the size needed?

Regardless of the shape of your room, this is actually very straightforward. For small room (under 5m long) you should allow a minimum clearance between the wall and table of 1200mm, for larger rooms (up to 6.7m) allow 1500mm. For rooms larger than this the minimum clearance should be 1800mm. In terms of calculating how many seats you can fit around the table, the rule is to allow 700 – 900mm for each person if possible, depending on chair size and comfort.