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Dry-wipe Boards & Flip Charts

Also known as marker boards, dry-wipe boards or pen-boards. Whiteboards have a surface designed to allow rapid writing or marking using a 'marker pen', which can simply and quickly erased or 'wiped away'. Applications include education, meeting rooms and office environments.

Types of board - Laminated (normally a melamine faced mdf), coated steel, vitreous enamel & glass. Although the most expensive the vitreous enamel finish is more durable than the others and is ideally suited to demanding environments such as eg schools, universities and colleges. Semi matt models are also available making them suitable as a projector screen. The advantage of the steel and vitreous models is their ability to accept magnets.

Wall fixed - Normally aluminium framed. Sliding and 'fold out' products are available which provide additional work space.

Freestanding and Mobile - Available mounted on a steel or aluminium frame, some have castors for movability. Most mobile boards are double sided and in some cases rotatable. Combination boards are also available incorporating an adjacent pin board surface. Flip chart easels often include a whiteboard surface. All available at Office Linx