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Stylish & practical products for inspiring workplaces


Office Linx supplies a comprehensive range of lecterns, podiums and audio visual presentation units to suit a wide range of uses from church halls to colleges and universities.Traditionally used in churches the lectern has evolved into a multi-functional presenter for a variety of 'front of house' applications including presentations, speeches, teaching and lectures.

The basic lectern is simply a 'stand' with sloping platform to accommodate documents. Av Furniture is also available.

Types & Models

Models are available which include a microphone, reading light and speakers. These lecterns can be supplied in a variety of wood finishes, aluminium and acrylic. A modern and stylish version is the Trilite Truss Lectern which can often be seen on TV broadcasts, these are manufactured from aluminium and use a lattice tube structure as the main support. It is available as the 100 Truss and the 200 Truss model.


Collapsible and folding lecterns are easily transported and take up less storage space. These are ideal for travelling presenters.

Special Needs Lecterns

Height adjustable lecterns are available which are ideal for wheelchair users and help meet the DDA requirements; the height adjustment is motorised. They are available in metal or wood construction.
AV models and AV presenters are designed to incorporate audio visual equipment within ventilated cupboard space and surface space for laptop or keypad. Models are available which can incorporate screens and controls into a facia panel.
Lecterns are ideal for presentations, lectures, teaching, speeches and conferences, and the Office Linx product range has a model to suit all applications.